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Guys I need help.

It’s almost 6 months since we started talking, currently we’re in dating phase. he doesn’t want a relationship RIGHT now because he is starting his career, he’s being busy with his stuffs then he also says that he wants to get married to me. Start business together and grow old and all.
He is very mature. He want to take things slow. But
I feel that, if we’re not together at the present how can I trust him to be there for me at future?
Trust is something that gets built day by day. It’s in the little things. But he says, he can’t meet often or talk like we used to ( we had literally talked for 8hours a day) if we can’t be there for each other spend time right now, then how I can just blindly believe that will happen later?

He says he wants a long term relationship and a future with me, but not ready to fully invest himself right now.

He was the one who got me used to all of the stuffs, but now he’s not putting in the same?
For me, if I can be happy with him right now, be in a relationship in the present only then I can get trust and marry him or whatever.

Everything is perfect with us, somedays I feel like we have nothing between us. And I wanna runaway
From this, but then I realise I have fallen for him so bad. Does he even feel the same way?
It’s so hurting. I love him alot and guess he loves me too, but this phase seriously kills me.

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before anything, try to spend quality time with him. If you are unable to then find the reason why you guys cannot.
If its because of his carrier then fine guys usually indulge themself for better future. Give him some space.
iske baad bhi you are not confident then you need to take precise decision.


Yes, you’re right!

Thanks for the suggestion ❤️

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Dreamer @aheadofthecurve

Well you need to grow up a little, understand his situation, at this point in life career plays an important role, pyaar se ghar nahi chalta Hain

You need to understand he can’t give you the same attention that he once did, because now there are other variables involved, but that doesn’t mean his love for you has reduced.

Step into his shoes, what would you have done?


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