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marko @joshsony

guys I need help I feel like suiciding can anyone comment their Instagram username so tht I can chat with u

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here people are praying for each others safety. please don’t talk about dying
everyone has to go through hell everyone suffers it’s the process of life. just defy it u need to become stronger u need to live life. u are not alone everyone is fighting, u lack self love, don’t put anyone above u all that matters is u and the way u are taking things.


Mine is anni_e89. It’s my second account so feel free to dm me!
I can’t really agree with viole.
‘Everyone has to go through hell.’ So, what’s your point? That doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to talk about your deep thoughts. This is what this whole website is about lmao. And just because ‘everyone’ suffers doesn’t make your pain and thoughts go away. It’s all about you. Maybe I sound kinda offense but I’m not really sure how to interpret viole’s reply bc no emotions and stuff but yeah, feel free to dm me!

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marko @joshsony

thanks I will follow u tmmrw


agar aise thoughts mind me aa rahe hai toh i will say join army or police force. Die for the motherland.
& also do have ur life insurance (family ya friend kisi ko bhi beneficiary bana dena) kam se kam u ka bhala ho jayenga.

I think this will be really helpful…


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