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Katie @firebound

Guys, I just feel so alone. My mental health I don’t think is doing good, but I don’t want to worry my friends and family. I feel as though my problems aren’t as bad as others, so I shouldn’t talk to my friends. I have no reason to feel so utterly bad and useless and disgusting, but I do. I want to talk and form connections and have the ability to talk about my issues, but I feel as though it’ll only be an annoyance to everyone I meet with. My friends have actual problems and always seem to be in a worst state then me. I feel just alone, so so so alone. I just want advice on how I could deal with these feelings. Maybe just someone to make sure I’m not the only person left on earth.

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Hey katie… i was in this loop for a while… and this pandemic lock down has made me and sit and think through my loneliness and eventually got comfortable with it. Getting comfortable with it, will liberate you from the dependency that we constantly seek from the others and yes you can write down your thoughts when you feel like u want to listened to… i keep myself remembering “we are on our own at the end of the tunnel…


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