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Guys, i am soon reaching 30 and i can’t get in a Relationship yet…
My mother is head over heels on me
If i didn’t get a girl friend, no wonder if she kill me
But i am not intersted
I don’ t know why

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6 replies
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Ujjwal @ujjwals

You are not interested in?? getting killled or getting girlfriend?


Getting girlfriend yaar
I am not intersted in getting close to anyone
I just don’ t wanna get a girlfriend


That’s funny yaar

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Tan3 @tanu_shree

Are u asexual ?
Or just u don’t wanna be forced into this kind of thgs
Like u wanna wait for the ri8 time


I don’ t wanna get somone who touches me
I hate when people get close to me
I just love being myself
I hate when a person get so close to me


I think u are asexual
Not sure
Bt their are so many people like u

It’s oky
be happy :)


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