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Guys help! :‘) so me and our class president use to be so close at 7th grade but since 8th Grade whenever she sees me its like she wanna smile but she’s like stopping it and she will look away and walk like faster (shit hurts ToT) yesterday we our teacher chose the two of us to act like the king and Queen for the parade but at a walking practice on which we need to held hands her expression is like wanna smile or blush but she’s just tryna keep a straight face and when we make an eye contact we suddenly look away from each other and after that happened our entire classmate and all subject teacher started making fun of us until the practice ends… I wanna Get close to her like before ToT how can i do that? Its like Its so hard to approach her now :’)

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Ahhhh…she’s crushing on ya!!..but don’t go and approach her, she will open up eventually…good luck!!!


She gotta crush on you bruhh, do not ask her instead pretend and be normal to her and make her comfortable.


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