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Guilty, Scared and Sad

I feel very sad and guily because I had a guy best friend and because of his mother, I can’t actually talk to him. His mom sees his messages and everything. This one time I wanted to talk to HIM but she called me and told me she would file a police report and tell my parents about this(first of all, my parents consider him a son). I’m really scared

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Kavya Ganesh @kavyaganesh

Does either one of you have romantic interest for each other? Because that would explain why his mother is so overprotective about him. Regardless of whether or not you guys wanna date each other, I’d like to let you know that you guys aren’t doing anything wrong. If she sees the messages, let her see them. Let her know what you guys are talking about, if she’s so upset by her son talking to a girl.

(Are your parents okay with you being friends with boys? Are they okay with you dating someone?) If your parents are okay with it, then why not try to tell them about what’s going on, so that you have someone to back you up when she threatens you?

PS - No one can file a police report for talking to someone. Don’t worry about it, you’re safe. She’s just trying to bully you.


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