Unveil Your Real Self With Trauma Therapy

It can be extremely hard to lead a happy life when your inner child isn't happy. Get to meet your real self and look at yourself above the trauma you have been through with the help of Now&Me trauma-informed experts. and strategies for leading a healthy and happy life.

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What is Trauma?

Trauma can be defined as any disturbing or distressing event or incident in life that can largely harm the individual’s mental state. Almost every other individual in the world has gone through one traumatic event in their life, which can range from injury, sexual assault, chronic abuse, to life-threatening events.

The degree of an event being traumatic depends on the individual’s personality and the way they perceive things, but one definite way of determining if something has been traumatic is to what extent it harms the individual from the inside. To understand this, it is important to look within yourself and ask yourself difficult questions.

Other than this, you can consider seeking trauma therapy, wherein the therapist will help you find answers to those difficult questions.

What is Trauma Therapy?

Trauma therapy, in simple words, means looking within your trauma and emotionally coping with the responses the traumatic event has caused you with the help of a trauma-informed therapist.

Trauma therapy is done to reduce the impact of the trauma on the person or ideally, eliminate it from the very root cause of it by asking yourself the difficult questions and recalling your triggers again to see what caused you this with the help of a trauma therapist.

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Types of Trauma Therapy

Letting go of your trauma is an emotional and triggering journey that has its own share of ups and downs. There will be times when you will feel like giving it all up and there will be times when you might learn something new from your trauma. In order to get to the other side, it is important to choose the right therapist and the right type of therapy.

Let’s see what types of trauma therapy there are:

  1. Cognitive behavior therapy

    Cognitive behaviour therapy was developed for the treatment of depression and anxiety. But later on, it was also used to treat trauma, burnout, chronic stress, and PTSD. In this type of therapy, the therapist helps you question your traumatic thoughts, which tend to show up in your behaviour.

    With this therapy, the maladaptive behavior is questioned and changed consciously with constant practice.

  2. Prolonged exposure therapy

    This type of therapy is usually used to treat PTSD. However, trauma survivors who have been in a war or have recurrent thoughts about their trauma avoid triggers that remind them of that fear.

    So in prolonged exposure therapy, the person is exposed to the fear that has led to this state. It isn’t done straight away but in gradual steps by exposing the least feared object and then gradually moving upwards. To maintain a steady state of mind while doing this, therapist’s also do some grounding techniques and relaxation exercises so the client feels at peace.

  3. Cognitive processing therapy

    Cognitive processing therapy is a form of CBT developed treatment that runs for over a span of 12 sessions, wherein the psychotherapist educates the client on how trauma affects the body during and after the event. Along with this, the therapist also helps the client process those emotions and thoughts, helping them to look beyond them and work on those thoughts and feelings in a healthy manner.

  4. Trauma-focused CBT

    This type of therapy also came out of CBT and was earlier made to treat children and adolescents. Later on, this therapy was expanded to adults and families.

    In this type of therapy, trauma-informed therapists take up sessions individually or in groups, wherein the client(s) are psychoeducated about trauma and how one can regulate and manage their emotions better. Certain coping techniques are taught, and the client(s) are asked to share and process their emotions in a healthy manner.

  5. Narrative exposure therapy

    This type of therapy is usually used for people who have been through complex traumatic events. Herein, an empathetic therapist helps the client write a chronological story of their life, which includes both traumatic and positive life events.

    While doing this, the client will be asked to notice their thoughts and feelings and how they are making them feel in the present moment. When this is all done, the therapist presents the client with a documented autobiography.

  6. Eye moment desensitization and reprocessing

    In this type of therapy, the therapist uses bilateral stimulation to help the client recall the traumatic event and release emotions that have been blocked due to the trauma.

types of trauma therapy

Trauma Therapy Techniques

The techniques used in trauma therapy depend on the type of therapy the therapist has chosen and on the given case. Some of the trauma therapy techniques are:

  1. Imaginal exposure

    In this technique, you imagine the trauma and express it out loud in front of the therapist by being as raw as possible. The therapist takes note of the trauma, how it made you feel and how it affects you in the current moment.

  2. Written account

    In this, your therapist asks you to write a proper description of the trauma you have experienced. This helps the therapist understand the inner conflicts of your trauma and how it made you feel.

  3. Cognitive restructuring

    In this technique, the therapist helps you restructure your current thoughts and notions by questioning your negative thoughts and feelings and understanding the root cause of them.

  4. Group therapy

    Taking group therapy can be extremely helpful, as talking to other trauma survivors who have been on their own journey of survival and not asking for help can give you a boost on how they have come out and helped themselves and you can too.

  5. Inner child work

    People who have experienced trauma in their childhood usually have a wounded inner child who requires inner healing and work. With this technique, people with this type of trauma can build strategies to work on themselves and understand the needs and wants of their inner child properly.

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Benefits of Trauma Therapy

While trauma therapy takes its time and is a difficult step to take, it has great benefits that can be hard to ignore. The benefits of trauma counseling are:

  1. Improves coping skills

    Taking trauma counseling helps you look within yourself and face your obstacles head-on which improves your coping skills and allows you to adopt healthy strategies that help you face things instead of running away from them. For example: journal your feelings instead of suppressing them.

  2. Builds resilience

    When you have been through so much and you take a step to work on yourself and understand your traumatic feelings, it builds resilience and makes you stronger to face things head-on.

  3. Inner healing

    When you decide to take trauma therapy, you begin a journey of inner healing, which helps you connect with your inner self and get closer to becoming your real self.

  4. Reduces avoidance

    When you start taking trauma therapy, it helps you face things and makes you stronger rather than avoid them or suppress them until they harm you from the inside.

  5. Helps you meet your real self

    When you take trauma counseling, it helps you look beyond your trauma and your negative thought patterns and helps you heal your inner self, which in turn helps you meet your real self.

benefits of trauma therapy

How to Find a Trauma-Infomed Therapist

You can find a trauma therapist by asking your friends and family if they know someone who might be a good fit for you. If that doesn’t seem to work out, you can use social media to your advantage and seek out people with good reviews and experience.

Moreover, with everything available on the internet, you can try out online trauma focused therapy by seeking out platforms or therapists that offer their services online. You can contact Now&Me for trials by opting for the free chat option and deciding if you wish to opt for further services.

At Now&Me, you can also have a short call with therapists via text, audio, or video, starting at just Rs. 35. You can download the app to give that a try.

However, overall, when opting for a trauma therapist, it is important to find someone who has expertise in the area of trauma focused therapy and has a good understanding of how to deal with such sensitive situations.

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Start Trauma Therapy with Now&Me

If you are looking for an online mental health platform to heal your inner child, understand the basis of your trauma, and get proper guidance from a trauma informed therapist, then you can try Now&Me by opting for the first chat for free.

If you wish to try out which therapist suits you the best, then you can try out different therapists by taking bite sized therapy, which means taking short sessions starting at just Rs. 35 to understand which therapist suits your needs the best.

The experts at Now&Me are well-qualified and have been handpicked to provide you with the best services so that you feel safe and comfortable while sharing your personal stories with them. Our experts understand the importance of confidentiality and how important and special a therapeutic relationship is and they make sure to nurture it and make you feel the best while you are at your lowest.

List of Trauma-informed Therapists

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