Emotion Focused Therapy:
What is it And How Does it Work?

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What Is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)?

Sue Johnson and Les Greenberg developed emotionally focused therapy with the goal of improving attachment styles and bonding in relationships. This is mainly used for couples therapy, wherein the focus is on the attachment style rather than the identity of the person.

While it was mainly made for couples, it has also been used to deepen family dynamics, which can further lead to stronger and healthier family relationships.

Strengthen the Bond With Your Partner With EFT

What Techniques Are Used in Emotionally Focused Therapy?

To build a strong relationship with your partner or your family members, there are some necessary stages and emotion focused therapy techniques that therapists follow to help you achieve your desired goal. The emotion focused therapy techniques are as follows:

  1. De-esclastion

    In the first stage, the main focus is to identify the negative patterns that are causing the couple to fight or miscommunicate between themselves. This is mostly related to attachment styles and fears, or insecurities, a person might be carrying.

    When patterns are formed, they show up as unhealthy behaviours like shutting down, giving silent treatment, not asking for help or projecting anger. Once couples have understood their patterns, they can begin working on them consciously to create an environment of growth and warmth.

  2. Restructing

    In this stage, the couple shares their innermost thoughts and feelings with each other and learns how to become more accepting and responsive to each other. The main focus of this stage is to create a more secure environment by pushing the couple to learn how to handle their conflicts by listening to each other instead of going against each other.

  3. Consolidation

    In the final stage, the therapist helps the couple with new communication strategies and helps them build new patterns that make the foundation of their relationship stronger and healthier.

    Instead of fighting or blaming each other, the therapist helps the couple realise how important it is to create a safe and healthy space in their relationship where both of them can be themselves without any fear or shame.

What Can EFT Help With?

Emotionally focused therapy is extremely helpful for couples dealing with conflicts, stress, anxiety, or poor communication. Although this therapy was mainly used for couples, it can even be used for individual therapy or family therapy.

In individual therapy, it can help individuals deal with their inner conflicts, which tend to hinder their daily emotional peace, whereas in the case of family therapy, it can help in restructuring family patterns and making secure bonds within family members.

Along with this, it can also help couples and individuals with anxiety, stress, addiction, depression, or PTSD. While emotional therapy is known for helping restructure attachment styles, it also helps couples who have been victims of infidelity.

Benefits of Emotionally Focused Therapy

While there are great benefits of emotionally focused therapy for couples, it also hones the individual on a personal level. So, the benefits of EFT therapy are as follows:

  1. Stronger foundation of relationships

    With the help of emotion focused therapy, you and your partner can build a stronger foundation for their relationship. Rather than having insecurities, fear, or jealousy, it can be built on a stable ground of security, safety, proper communication, and quality time. These facets help in the development of a wholesome relationship where both partners are equally happy and secure.

  2. Better understanding

    When a couple takes up EFT therapy, it actually leads to better understanding between the couple. The therapist will push you and your partner to have uncomfortable conversations, talk about the things that bother you, and share your innermost fears and thoughts so that the relationship escalates to a new height where you both have a deeper understanding of each other and the relationship.

  3. Better management of emotions

    If you and your partner take emotional therapy, you will both be better able to understand and manage your emotions. You both will also understand the importance of giving each other space to come to terms with their emotions and then have a conversation or discussion about them. Therapy is all about realising what pace the other human feels their emotions in.

  4. Healthy relationship

    With the help of this therapy, you can build a healthy relationship with your partner by inculcating the stages of EFT therapy in your routine or whenever there is a conflicting situation. This therapy will help you look at a conflicting situation from a solution oriented perspective and make a healthy bond with your partner.

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How to Find an Emotionally Focused Therapist

Finding an emotionally focused therapist can be quite hard in India, as it is not a widely known concept or therapy here. However, you can use social media and the internet to your advantage and find EFT therapists on Instagram, LinkedIn, or even a simple Google search.

If not, you can ask your psychology friends or people who have been to couples therapy to help you with this, as they can refer you to a therapist. Moreover, you can even ask other therapists to help you find one, as they would have a network of people whom they can ask or refer you to.

Restructure Your Patterns With Emotion Focused Therapists

List of Emotionally Focused Therapists

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