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Sravan @wanna_be_poet

Grown Men Don’t Cry

I am afraid I am too broken to survive,
in a world that expects a man to always smile.
It is sad that whenever I feel the need to cry,
I first have to find a place to hide.

They say “grown men don’t cry”,
but who are they to really decide?
Aren’t emotions natural to us all?
Then who are they to divide?

Well, this world always follows the herd,
but I hope next time our voices are heard.
Because right now no one will believe a word,
if I say it’s okay to let emotions flow.

I am afraid I am too broken to survive,
and this mask might come off anytime.
So if someone says that I am “not a man”
take their word because I am not their kind.

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2 replies

So well written!! Emotions are meant to felt and taken out…not to hide… but people still be like ‘grown men doesn’t cry’ but maybe a lot of young generation don’t think alike to those old mind set people

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Sravan @wanna_be_poet

True! The current generation has thankfully evolved quite a lot. Thank you for reading! 😁


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