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Growing up my father never loved me. He always treated me like an unwanted chlid. he always showed passive aggressive attitude towards me. I’m 23 now, to this day they never treat me with love. he never gives me enough money to buy the things that I need, he treats me badly compared to the other siblings. He earns good money but he never fulfilled my wishes. I feel ashamed in asking for money for my everyday needs cause he used to beat me up as a kid whenever I asked him to buy me something that I needed. I can never forget those days. I’m sorry dad but it
Was your responsibility to make me feel loved as a kid which you never did. You always treated me like a burden …I just cannot get this out of my head.

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Hey beautiful human 🌼
1st of all u r very very strong that u have experienced it all.
2nd i feel that if u have something against ur dad then go talk to him. I mean u r mature enough


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