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β€ΊEmotional Abuseβ€ΊThought

If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.

Growing up in a big family where every adult being is busy with making a living is always difficult, nobody to teach you how to control that your feels, puberty and those difficult days of learning about Sex and personal boundaries. I grew up were I was touched and felt by my elder brother and it is very weird feeling that I enjoyed it. That stopped when we grew up but that sexually tention and that unharnessed feeling and hormones of my body may have emotionally abused a kid with a very small age, he lived in the neighborhood and came to our house when his parents weren’t home, I touched his private parts under the sheets while there was nobody around. I didn’t know then how he felt, it must have been devastating for that kid not be able to stop me. He told his parents about it and they talked to my brother and he denied that fact it ever happened I was scared of facing the guy and this parents, soon the family of that kid moved out. I was ashamed of what I did and could not believe myself for doing it. Years later I had a thought that how this incidents may have affected the guy in so many ways, his mental health, his social life, might be difficult for him growing up like this, he might have forgotten this ever happen, but I remember and am very sad and in regret that I did what I did and just wanna apologize for it with all my heart to that guy and I am really very sorry for it

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This same exact thing hv happened with me in childhood, even I didn’t hv any clue abt sexuality n all…I got to know very later which affected me miserably in my career as well. I can feel u


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