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growing up i was abused physically and emotionally. i wasnt allowed to be sad angry or happy without repercussions. i wasnt allowed to see my friends i wasnt allowed to be a kid. I did the cleaning i did the cooking but none of it was ever right or good enough. 
Now as a young adult i struggle a lot. i cant find work because of my social anxiety and major depression disorder. ive been looking for years. Even if i was able to my family seems hellbent on keeping me from moving forward. They do a lot of things to disrupt and destroy the quality of my life. theyve popped my tires to prevent me from going to places. theyve contacted my psychiatrist  lied saying i was ODing on meds which got me kicked off them. which then lead to some suicide attempts. 
i dont understand how people can claim to love someone, yet do the things they do. the financial and emotional manipulation only continues and i am seen as “the bad guy” in the family i assume for not just accepting my place.
a way out seems hard to find, but its all i really want.

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i’m sorry to hear that, that’s just sad. solely because these are the people you spend the most amount of time with, they’re the ones you trust and they significantly impact your personality and way of thinking as you grow up…I wish i knew better and I wish I had a solution for you, but the only thing that seems plausible is running away, because otherwise it just seems like you might be stuck in this cycle all your life, where you attempt to do something and they won’t let you. Maybe just going to the closest friend or anyone who can just help out initially till you can manage your own finances. You need to break free and live your own life buddy, stay strong xx

Venky @venky

I don’t know I am saying right or not  . Just go watch sunrise or sunset and talk to unknown people who are watching and try to listen there story it will help u or u can chat with the people in this website . I am also doing this it help me a lot readying the story of people and replying them it help a lot

Khushboo @khushboo

Hello, don’t be sad anymore. Try to overcome those fear now and achieve your targets. It’s the time now to take stand for yourself. Trust yourself rather than people. All the best.


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