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Great things happened to me today😍, So today was my birthday so my parents hosted a party so alot of people came especially my parents co-workers… I wore a beautiful red dress today and almost all people who gathered in there also wear dress and men in tuxedo. And so the party started and then some of my classmate arrived a little late and then the smart guy who always look weird and his hair is not always fix at school arrived and damn his hair was fixed he wore a black tuxedo and he also got a decent jeans and shoes so i didn’t notice who he was, he just went to the corner alone at first i thought that he was just a son of my parents co-workers and then he looks at me smile a little and bow, that thing that he did just made me blush and in my mind i thought it was weird… And so my parents made their speech and after that people starts eating and so on and then the dancing part started where woman got to dance with a man and i also needs to find a man to dance with, 2 of my parents co-workers son will dance with me one by one and while dancing they greet me ask me how i was and other things, and then suddenly when i finished dancing with the 2nd one my nerdy classmate just came to me, bow reach his hand to me and said “Will you please dance with me milady?” i said sure so i grabbed his had he stand properly, put his left hand on my waist and his right holding my hands 🙈🙉, and so we started moving little my little he asked me “How old are you now, Shizu?” my last name was Washizo and the only person in this world who calls me that was Alex, I got shocked knowing who he was so i said with a loud voice “A-lex!!!” he giggles and said “You didn’t recognised me? Hehehe” i stared blushing look down cause one of the guy whom i’m not close with, someone whom i avoid sometimes and the guy who doesn’t really have fashion or style when it comes to dressing are now dancing with me and looks so Good. He said “You know it’s better if you remain an eye contact to someone you’re talking with.” i started blushing even more and i made a eye contact with him, he said “You looks so cute when you’re blushing, damn imagine adding it with a smile,just how much cuter would you look like with it 😁” i cannot stop myself from smiling from what he said i said to him “stop teasing me… 🤗” he made me spin and then grab my waist again and when i made an eye contact with him again he lean his forhead into mine and said “Shizu, I’ve always liked you since 7th grade and cannot confess my feelings to you even though we’ve been classmate for 4 years for i am a coward and i’m so afraid that you might reject me and stay away from me, so i keep this feelings into mine, keeps admiring you from a distance, support you in the shadow and doing whatever i can just to be with you. But now i’m no longer a coward, i’m tired of supporting and admiring you from afar, i don’t want you to be with others i wanna be the one to hold your hand until my very last breathe i wanna be by your side until our last breath so please, (he put my right hand to his chest where i can feel his heart beat) Give me a chance to be with you and i promise i’ll do my very best to get you!!” his words made me feel like there’s a butterfly in my chest and i also said to myself that" He might be the one"so with a big smile at my face and while blushing i said “sure, and keep your promise dummy” he smiled so much i’ll never forget his expression that he showed. I’m gona start knowing more about him and i’ll never let him down. Kyaaaa~~ just think about what happened today still gives me butterflies (>w<)

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Awww… This felt like beautiful fairy tale😍✨❤ btw happy birthday🎂 and congratulations for your biggest gift✨😇


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