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Shunya 🔆 @chosenone

Grand Rising.

Meditation feels hard because we have made distraction easy.

When meditation becomes easy distraction becomes hard.

Have a great day!

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Divyansh Verma @divyansham...

Can you tell me how to do meditation. While meditating i have so much disturbing visualization because of which i stop doing it but i know only meditation can solve my problem.
Please help me

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Shunya 🔆 @chosenone

Mediation is patience of senses.

Do not attempt or force to mediate. Before you start mediation. Consume less. Talk less. Eat less. Sleep less. Move more. Sweat more. Organise you room. Maintain cleanliness in thoughts, words, actions. Do not harm anyone inside the head.

Once you do this all, only then you can sit properly and initiate mediation.

Divyansh Verma @divyansham...

I only harm myself in my thoughts that only i want to stop. I want to make peace with myself. I try to do meditation at the terrace hearing the birds voice and start feeling calm but then thought my head would start fighting me and start showing images that make me uncomfortable

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Shunya 🔆 @chosenone

It’s simple. Instead of searching through Q&A . Enrol yourself with Vipassana.

Divyansh Verma @divyansham...

Thank you, I will definitely try this.
I still have a question while I meditate and when i get a state of peace I start getting obscene thoughts which make me uncomfortable after which I lose my focus. Then I start fearing the thought that the god or the universe wants me to do this kind of action That’s why I am getting these thoughts but I don’t want to do it.
Do those thoughts mean anything or are they just fear that disturbs me.
Only because of these thoughts i want to do meditation.

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Shunya 🔆 @chosenone

Someone questions can be answered only by first hand experience.

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