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Got humiliated in the office today by my boss.
I was on the 15th floor thinking to go for it. But didn’t have the courage to do so. Weak probably.
Ended up doing my remaining work and carrying on with this pretentious life. Sometimes I just want to get hit hard and let myself be a memory.

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Are you serious right now ? You just have one life and why do you not understand how precious it is. Do u know how lucky you are to be living a life right now.?!. If you feel like you are being disrespected…get another job. Quit the job not your life. Sometimes life gets hard…and that’s only because you can handle it. God never puts you through things that you aren’t capable of putting up with. I understand that your life is tough right know, but you should know that you are tougher than that . I wish you nothing but the best. Do what makes you happy, live your life to the fullest. Learn the value of it. It’s very precious 💖


Thanks for your words. I think someone just wants to hear something at the right time. Still going through a dark period and trembling on what I was going to do. Hope this phase passes away. Sending you love and wishes back.


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