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Goodmorning everyone:)
The thing is I don’t know what I want to do in my life I am 22 years old and completed my college 2 years ago .I have done my BTech in civil engineering although I had no interest in studying civil engineering my marks was not so bad .I completed my college without any backlogs ,I thought I wanted to do job in civil engineering or any govt job but as I passed college I lost myself finiding what I really want to do .In india govt job is must in every family .My mum always dreamed about me having govt job but I don’t think I have any confidence or I can not concentrate on studies ,i distract too easily .I feel bad it’s been 2 years and I still don’t know what i really wants in my life .I think I don’t have any talent. I’m good at studying but I’m not really sure if that’s what I want or I don’t know because I am scared of hardwork .What should i do ,I don’t enjoy studying but I know I need to do job in order to make my life better and make my mum proud.I am so lost I can’t find motivation its like I am always escaping from hardwork .Plz help me out .And I want to find out my talent how can I do that ,I want to do job in a field which I enjoy but the problem is I can’t find anything that makes career except studiying. I love to read novel ,manga and I love fashion and makeup and all but I don’t think in these thing I can make my carrer as I only enjoyed them but not thought about having career .Plz plz suggest me how can I find my talent or what should I do in life ?
I distract too easily ,I am not consistent with my goals ,I change my plans too easily I don’t know what’s wrong with me I really want a job which earns good money currently I have a job but the pay is not good if any good thing happen or bad thing happens i find myself escaping from my goals always finding an excuse not to study .

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Hello Amigo

Let me tell you something about my career choices and achievements.

1. I am a mathematics Olympiad winner, ranked 44 AIR. (2008)
2. Got admission into one of the top 10 engineering colleges of India (2011)
3. My research paper won first prize nationally among 400 participants from top NITs and IITs (2014)
4. I am national level Tata Steel QUIZ winner. (2014)
5. I had a band in college and have done more than 20 stage performances till now. (2012-2015)
6. I got 3 jobs from my college and chose the one that paid the highest salary. The company was Reliance Industries Limited. (2015)
7. Awarded the best trainee award in my company. (2017)
8. Got 2 awards for being one of the most efficient employee in the company.
9. Left the company and worked in an NGO for 7 months. Helped to develop a model village powered by solar and wind. (2018)
10. Cracked CAT and got admission in IIM. (2019)
11. Won 3 college level and 1 national level competition in IIM. (2019)
12. Got one of the best internship opportunity from college with a 6 figure stipend. (2020)
13. Did 3 band performances in college. (2019-2020)

Okay now let me ask you a question. Just by reading about my achievements what do u feel? Am I too intelligent? Am I too passionate? Or am I all sorted from inside? Let me tell you all these are bullshit. There are a few simple logics of life that you must understand and all your problems will be sorted and you will find what you want to do in life.

Firstly understand that there is nothing called PASSION. Even if it exists, it happens to be in 1 person in every 1 Crore people. Passionate people might say that they are so happy in their job that they forget the world when they work. This sentence is the most bullshit thing I have ever heard. You might like to do things, like painting, cricket, engineering, swimming, whatever. You may feel very good while performing these activities. But when it comes to making money out of these activities and becoming successful in these fields, believe me you will have to work hard like a donkey and make plans like Steve Jobs. You will have to sacrifice your relationships, your time, your health and sometimes even your peace of mind to achieve success. And after 8-10 years of hard work when you become successful people will think you are so passionate in your work. This is how the world works.

So what should u do? Simple, remember 2 quotes. First, “you never take right decisions, you take decisions and then make them right.” Second, “It doesn’t matter what you want, you will only get what you are capable of.” I am a firm believer of these two quotes and these have made my life simple as hell.

While choosing anything to do I look for 3 things, first am I interested in doing it? Interest doesn’t mean that I love doing it and will have orgasms in my job. It simply means that I don’t hate it and I am capable of being one among the average in that field. Second, I look for how many opportunities will that work open for me. And third I look for what will the returns in monetary and learning terms. Because money will help me buying the best drink and best car, while learning will make me capable of achieving even more.

After choosing the work I want to do, I give more than 100% in that work. What does that mean? It simply means that I plan things very efficiently, break my work into milestones, work hard to reach those milestones and party after reaching each milestones. I don’t care that I am deeply passionate about the work or not. All I know is that I have to achieve that milestone. I cannot lose. My ego is more profound than my passion for work. I simply cannot lose. This makes me an outlier among my colleagues and friends. Now how do I get benefited by it?

1. I always end up in jobs that pay me very well and are much better than my friends and colleagues.
2. I get many opportunities and I have the power to choose among them because I am capable and I am a certified winner.
3. People come to me to take suggestions and call me passionate. I get a lot of satisfaction when I am able to inspire them.
4. The satisfaction of winning is the best feeling. Not just the end goal. Achieving every small milestone gives me ultimate level of satisfaction.
5. I am immune to situations like COVID or any other economic breakdown because I have an excellent track record.
6. My network is growing because people think I am resourceful and capable and hence it is opening more opportunities for me.
7. My parents are very happy with me, the smile on their face gives me the best feeling.

Now you decide do you want to waste your time in thinking about whats the best option for you? Or choose one among them based on a few criteria and be the winner in that field. Let me know in the comments

Agent Orange


Thank you so much. Your answer helped me to clear my mind .I will try my best :)


I was just reading this thread and it happens that me and that person who posted this are in the same boat!

Agent Orange, you’re truly an amazing person, what I just read in the comment from you is just the best, it’s really something that we needed right now. Tysm! :)


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