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Folabi V3 @wanyama

Goodbye i am getting a flip phone

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SREE @sreejit

Nokia’s new one right, it for some good specs with a retro feel too😉✌️

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Isha @issa

dude just flip your phone🙄 what’s the need to get another phone

Folabi V3 @wanyama

So that I can pray for your downfall from 2 separate devices.

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So u are a girl i want to ask u something…

Well I am a boy… And on this app I found a female friend… We connect and we have a long conversation from last few days… She asked me to become his friend so I agreed and now she is being to personal with me and sharing his personal information like her real name ,place where she live, about her family, friend , what things she like and don’t likes , sharing her photographs , an even talked with me about her periods…now we play games with each other and now even connected with phone calls… I think she likes me in my opinion because she told me multiple times I look cute because of my face and voice…but we have share our real ages to each other and I am 2 years older than her… Now I  even don’t know if she propose me I should accept it or not…

But the problem lies here if I am being a very bad person I can miss use his personal photographs in a wrong way and I also told her not to share his private information to anyone to whom she has not seen personally including me… But she trust me more than it required…(in my opinion)


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