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Rashmi sawant @appuu_10

Good morning 🌼
Overthinker ho gayi hu, raat bhar webseries chalta rehta hai, nind hi nahi aati mujhe, Aisa lagta hai jaise pata nahi kab kaha 👀 band ho jaaye, aankhe band karne se dar lagta hai, ankhe band hoti bhi to kuch aisa ho jata hai aur ghabrake 2min aankhe khul jaati hai, pata nahi kya ho raha hai, bohot dino se sukoon ki nind nahi aayi, kyu aisa ho saha hai…☀️

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5 replies

Depression. You’re in enmeshment trauma. Maybe you need someone with whom you can share your heart out. Can we get connected?

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Pushkar @pushkar254

What are you thinking so much about

bhagat @alankar

This like addiction


Definitely anxiety…and i’m pretty sure you know why you have it and just aren’t able to cure it.
Try to meditate once in a while , it doesn’t do any magical transformation but it sure will calm you and make you feel your worth.✌️

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Kundan Kumar @ravan001

Aapna man ko sant karo

Rajat ko Sone se phle Kuch galat mat socho sab thik ho GA
Or Sone se phle 1 glass m garam dud m haldi mila k p Lana 15 min m nind aa jagi


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