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Good, I feel so lonely, I want to get married but my family is against love marriage but they put a condition that if my bf get his own house and shop they will get me married to him…but on the other hand my bf is constantly busy with stuffs other that earning money, he claims he want to marry me…but he is not acting in the same way…now my parents have stopped talking about my marriage and my bf seems least interested, feels like I am the only one who is bothered enough…I overthink my situation a lot…I really want some time all alone no bf or parents…but I guess I can’t escape my current situation, but feels like shit to not have anyone to talk to about this…

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Sid patel @siddyboi

Try being alone and enjoying yourself


If your bf wants you he will do it with his actions. Is he earning enough ? Do you earn ? Love matters but you need money to sustain love. If doesn’t understand this, long term partner nahi hai wo.


ok u need a vacation go out to a place far away from ur bf and parents take care of urself have one on one time … trust me it will help


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