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Going to be 30 in 2 years. Have a good earning and take care of everything myself. Just trying to find peace. However I’m still a disappointment to the family as I chose my kid and myself above an abusive marriage. Not sure when parents would understand that being safe and happy is important rather being accepted by society(which is useless as far I’m concerned).

And here I have seen someone facing similar issues but domestic violence from their own family!!! People!! Are you serious??? Coming out of an abusive marriage is already a huge task and you guys make sure that their life turns miserable even after that too. If you can’t support them and then leave them alone!! No need to taunt them daily.

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People don’t like change. People don’t like it when we do something new. Earlier people don’t break their marriages because of abuse. But it is wrong to let tolerate abuse. I agree with you. You don’t need anyone to accept your decision. You will be happy. And you can raise your kid on your own. If you want you can date someone at this age also. It is not late to have a partner.


Lots of hugs and more power to you 💯❤
Youre the strongest person i have ever met…i hope you get al the happiness you deserve

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Nyx @lost_not_found

Raise your kid to be a good person and dont give any importance to the opinion anybody has about your marriage. It wasnt their marriage so they dont get a say. People really dont understand the trauma coming from violence. Not even parents. You got an escape, you got a chance. Dont ruin it by thinking of others.


It’s because they thought that you can’t raise your child without a husband/wife. They thought that enduring for the sake of so called complete family is better than having a broken family for your child which always lead to a very bad decision ever. This mindset of people should be change. No one should endure the pain of being abused. No one should put up with the things they don’t deserve to experience.

Just stick with your decision, I know you know it is the right thing for you and your child. You don’t need validation from your family or other if you know that what you did was what’s for the best for the both of you.

And 30 is still young. You can always find someone’s better that would accept and love you and your child.


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