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Yokshit Karda @yoku2345

God gave us two eyes , two ears, two lungs
but why only one heart ?
God gave us two hearts but the second
heart belongs to the other person.
When these two hearts meet ,
the carriers of them fall in love.

Everything becomes
fine in life, they
both feel like living
the life they dreamt
of, everything
seems magical

When they hug each other, they feel like
they are in a new world , a world which
is full of peace , love , light and laughter .
Everytime they see each other smiling
their heart skips a beat.

When they are
with each other
they feel so
complete that they
Could spend their
whole life together

Everyone has two hearts and they will meet
each other no matter what happens . Despite of the long distance between them, they are meant to be together . Many people come and many people go in our life , we think that he/she is the right person which destiny has
given to us.

By chance if we are
unable to spend
our life with that
person, we cry, we crib.

At that point of time we do not
realise that our second heart is
still waiting for us and the best
is written in our destiny.
whole life together

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