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Girls!! Is anyone suffering from PCOS?? If yes then what are doing to manage it? I really need some advice. They say girls suffering from pcos shouldn’t have dairy and gluten but i can totally tolerate gluten and dairy. What should i do??

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I did the following for pocs…
Be in a stress free environment as much as possible
Workout for at least for 30 minutes (didn’t go to gym just home workout,walking and running )
Cut off all the junk and packet foods.
Had home cooked meals.
I switched to millets instead of regular rice ( as South Indian it was both easy and difficult )
Instead of wheat roti/chapati went ahead with buckwheat and jowar
No sweets
Munching on dry fruits
Lots of fruits and veggies

Just one step at a time and be patient.


Going gluten and dairy free really helps your hormones. I didn’t even know I was getting impacted by these until I reduced their intake. Also, work out for atleast 30 minutes a day. Slow, weighted work outs really help. Eat right and try to finish your last meal early. Follow intermittent fasting once in a few months to get your metabolism going.


I can tolerate gluten and dairy. So is it necessary to cut it out completely?


No, you can take consume it in moderations I guess. Why don’t you try cutting it out for a week or so and see if you feel different? If not then you can consume it, but restrict it a bit. Also, include turmeric into your diet. Helps with inflammation that pcos related issues cause.


Heyaa … see everyone’s body is different. So if urs can tolerate gluten and dairy, then uts totally fine.
ik ik alot if people/ articles said to totally cut it off, but Comeon that ain’t necessary.
As some other user said, just try for a week n if you notice any positive difference then continue. Nothing is bad if taken into consideration.

These things helped me with pcod (made my periods regular)
- Intermittent fasting.
- Cinnamon water (boil Cinnamon stick then let it steep n drink).
- Turmeric water (I dnt like milk but if u like cn go with tht too).
- 30mins workout (Not intense, just anything like 1000steps or skipping).
-Sleeping on time. (trust me its imp n I realised it very late).

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