Girl if he doesn’t treat you right someone else did 🥂
So don’t worry girls

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Dartmouth @mortalzar

Choose wisely…

Ek tkh ittu si zindagi hai…

Aur dil bass ek…

Dena hai toh aise ko do… who will ensure that it won’t be broken.
Enough poetic stuff…lets talk something practical

Chalo pyar thik hai.
But what matters in relationship in my view is
1. Trust
2. Care for each other
3. Physical and psychological well-being of each other…
4. Both shall grow with each other’s all aspects… whether it’s happiness or finances or health
5. Communication hona chaiye.its the key to healthy relationship…if something is bothering you about yiur parnter…don’t argue…don’t complain…‘discuss…!’

I realised that in my case…
Even with all this things…i was left alone in my worst phase of life…

So…choose the right partner.
Someone worthy of sacrifices.
Because if it’s not…those sacrifices will haunt u in the form of regrets

I rest my case.


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Haaye haaye haaye...! Kyun dikhe mujhe tu Sirhaane mere!!
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So you are still sleepless 😅😅
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