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Girl always want well settled guys? I always come cross this statement every time.
I love someone one regardless of anything, religion, money , job.
I never expecting gift , money from him. Only loyalty , respect and love.
I’m working as technical engineering and he was driver.
I’m from Singapore and working here, I met him in India during my tours. And fall in love with him. We are 4 years relationship. He promise me he will married I give everything including my self. During lockdown we unable to meet for 2 years. I have notice some changes in him. Suddenly he avoid me. Saying his family not agree for our marriage. And one day he call me confessed he slept with other girls because we not able to met. Still I forgive him but his ego he was angry because I shouted at him. He still avoiding me but he kept me in his social media. Always check out my status. Now it’s became a habit for me to post a status for him. I know I’m dumb . I really need out form this. Pls help

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He cheated on you and used distance as an excuse. Big red flag. Once a cheater, always a cheater. He doesn’t love or respect you. So respect yourself enough and walk away. Do not forget your worth. You deserve better. You deserve the love you’re looking for.


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