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Fuck it, I will cut, what will I gain you ask? nothing but idc anymore. I am tired of being in this stupid world where I can´t find happiness, I am tired of living like this it sickens me to even think I was once happy here. I hate it here and I can´t take anything anymore I´m tired of people thinking I am stupid and ignoring me and making me feel useless in front of others. I am tired of friends calling me dumb and thinking I am annoying when all I am doing is showing the feel me, I feel trapped in this body full of misery.
All I ever wanted was to be happy for one day, just one stupid day was all I asked for but it just seems 1 min of happiness is all I get per week.
I dearly hate it here

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Self harm should never be an option darling. I know life is hard, life sucks and the people in it also sucks . But you have to remember that they are also humans. Humans are tend to make mistakes. No one is stupid. yes , sometimes our surroundings makes us feel useless but no one is useless. you have keep believe yourself. Happiness can’t be asked for. you have to look for it. you have search it in the little things . Those who actually cares about you will never make you feel less .If you feel that your friends are making your life toxic then get away from them, cause real friends make you feel precious all the time. first you have to love yourself . If you can’t love yourself then how can you expect others will do. Remember life is hard and will be . But that doesn’t mean you should give up, that means you should fight through it. one day you will find those precious ones who will make your life precious . you will feel happiness 24/7. One day you will look at life and be amazed at how beautiful it is, how beautiful the world is… But believe in yourself and keep moving in your life. Life will surely give you something in return


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