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Frustrated… Angry… Resentment… These are just a few things that I feel right now. In my life I have experienced degradation, emotional infliction, and physical abuse. I have fought hard to get to where I stand today. But alas, people refuse to let me be. In the last half year, I have come back from deployment, denied a malicious man my hand in marriage, moved across the country, and help my mother survive cancer. All of this I have done by myself, and of course I was in pain, so to help cope I like to sleep with people. Not a good thing by all means, but it helped me with stress relief. One of these said one night stands has been harassing me even though I do not engage. He has threatened me with exposing nudes of me, and some how found a way to get others on his side. I shut it down the past Valentine’s Day when he started sending stuff to my work… After a couple months of not hearing from him I thought it was over… Only to get a text from my ex who asked me why I’m such a whore… This guy had somehow figured out who my ex was and started texting him… I am beyond knowing what to do… I blocked both of them… I am angry, and frustrated, but at the end of all of this… I feel like I am trash cause of this.

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Hi there,
First and foremost, I need you to understand, that the man threatening you is trash. YOU ARE NOT. I can understand the guilt that takes over, and self-doubt but NONE of that okay? How you choose to lead your life is none of anybody’s business.

Secondly, there are internet laws that can protect you from this. Just search for the requisite law in your country and let that guy know that you’ll take it up with the law if he doesn’t stop. Or better yet, complain if you need to. He is harassing you, and he is the criminal and perpetrator here.

You have worked to be who you are and how your life is, and you should always be proud of it. Don’t let some jerks bring you down. Sleep with as many people as you like, it is nobody’s business if you need to cope that way. As long as it doesn’t take a toll on you, it hardly matters what these men have to say.

And don’t worry, you have me through this, you’re not alone and this isn’t the first time that men have tried to pull off such stunts, but you don’t have to cave in. The law is on your side, and you have done nothing wrong.


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