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Guys, I need your help! My best friend and my ex are texting each other privately. While there’s nothing wrong with that, my best friend is married… We’ve created a group text so if anyone needs something from someone in the group, we text in the group, there is no need to go private with someone else’s partner, and she was the one who created the group…

So here’s the backstory, my ex and I remained friends after we broke up, and yes, he cheated! But that’s another story for another day. He started hanging out with our group which included three other couples, he is friends with one of the other couples, I’m an adult and I have moved on I had no problem with him joining the group, and …

I’m single and so is my ex, for the last six months the other couples including my best friend have had to try to get my ex and me back together and I’ve told them it would never happen!

What really sucks is that my ex and my best friend’s husband became really good friends. We all hang out at my best friend and her husband’s home every Sunday for football and cookouts. Well this past weekend we were at their house working on a project for my friend and her husband’s company. I was on my computer sitting between my friend and ex, her husband left the room to do something, my head was bent over my computer when their text alerts started going off right after each other’s, I looked up over my glasses without moving head and saw her having him the eye to look at his phone and he was doing the same, I wasn’t sure what I was seeing that right, so I pretended not to notice to see if their phones were really going off but they kept giving each other glances to look at their phones when her husband came back into the room they both put down their phones and neither one of them received another text alert for the rest of night.

I was furious this was hhappening in their home and right in front of me, I don’t know how long it’s been going on, because I do travel for work and I miss out on together from time to time and do he go out with the group when I’m not in town… I will never go to her husband and tell him about this, so that’s off the table!

Should I confront her or my ex?

I love her a lot and we’ve become really close I enjoy our friendship and don’t want to lose the friendship as far as my ex he can go kick rocks!

How do I approach either one of them?

Sorry for the ranting on, I had to get it out! Looking forward to hearing from you all.

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Have a conversation with your friend and see whats the reaction. Decide accordingly

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Shabana S. @shabana_saiyye...

I believe there’s more you would like to say, message me


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