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From past several days I am feeling very different I have lost interest in several of stuff I use to do. Like going out playing games or smiling or showing love I don’t know what has happened to me it feels like there is a weight on my head eveything feels gloomy to me also I don’t feel like myself anymore . I get very anxious all of a sudden and my hands become cold my heart seems to beat faster I been also hearing a rining or buzz sound in my ears all day and it doesn’t go away . As soon as I get up from bed all this feelings starts and stays for whole day. I am unable to do anything progressive also it’s making me over think . It’s like I will go crazy or something . Making me question eveythjng I do like why am I bursting my teeth and taking bath it’s really hard to fight these thoughts . I want to become normal this heaviness feeling on head is really making me go mad. I hope I become better soon.

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anuj @anujvohra

Yes you will get better. Learn meditation to start with. And do prayers and keep yourself physically active .


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