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Nisarg Shukla @nisarg0402

From, last 5-6 months I am suffering from very uncommon thing and i was totally silent when it is the matter of sharing with anyone else. But before three months I started sharing to my closest persons but they are saying that those are happen due to my behavior and i am only the person who can let me out of this. But i tried very hard to climb this mountain, still my efforts are not able to find the path for the same. It’s request anybody whoever is well known to this problem can help me 🙏

1. From, last several months I am feeling that i am forgetting the things rapidly means the things are not coming out from my subconscious mind when I try to remember it .

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You need to go to the doctor tbh

Khushi @khushi__27

First of all… Be calm and try to figure it out when this is happening it might be when you are tired,stressed or something else…Try to avoid all the negativity around you… Connect with the people whom you can stay happy with… Don’t keep things within you share them with anyone you are comfortable with… Try not to have that social pressure of people saying about your behaviour… If possible go on a solo trip analyze yourself you will definitely find a way… My wishes with you❤️

Nisarg Shukla @nisarg0402

Thank you so much for your kind wish 🙏 Hope everything will short in a few time

kanav Krishan @kanavk61

I guess you are suffering a burn out as I have also gone through this phase… Or may be it’s due to something that lowers your self perception… Then it becomes a loop.

Nisarg Shukla @nisarg0402

Can you connect with me and share more information about your condition so that i can get some idea for that

kanav Krishan @kanavk61

Connect like what?

Nisarg Shukla @nisarg0402

I mean can you share more in this chat itself

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Deep Kaur @mandeepkaur

I think …you should talk with strangers


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