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From all the odds, one thing I’ve learnt that all your days are not supposed to be good. They should not supposed to be good. It’ll look plain and boring. Just imagine there is always sunny or always be dark.
There is nothing better than unplan things.
You’ll never know when life happens to you and it gives you bucket full of surprises and if not it is okay to be in that way.
Days are supposed to live and not to worry what next. And, certainly life will not always rozy and warm. Seasons change. Your planning will ruin but just being present in that moment will harm no longer.
The journey is long; it suppose to take time. You’re not setting an example for anyone but for you, first.
It’s okay to get weak and vulnerable.
It’s alright if you’re feeling so many emotions, and nothing at all.

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It’s okay. It’s okay to let life run it’s course and just be.


There will be ups and downs in life. That’s life :)


Yes, it is totally okay :)


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