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From a past few days i am suffering from depression as everything in my life is a mess. I am a last year engineering student and i wanted to pursue my masters but due to financial issues i cant. My father is retired person and i dont even have a job to financially help my parents. As i am A grade student parents have a lot of hope from me. My studies are not going well i can not concentrate on things due to my future thoughts. The only support i had was from my partner but last night we brokeup. And now i am completely alone, broken, messed up, having no friends to talk; completely in a confusion about life, future, and career. The only person i had with whom i could share everything and had hope about life is not with me now. At this point in life i m completely blank and cant think of what step i should take next.

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Look even if U finish and get ur bachelors U can take a break and wait until ur mentally prepared for ur masters. Don’t drain ur self keep fighting. And um do U work of any sort of job? Maybe find a job in ur study area field. And the future is long way head don’t stress about the future now leave that behind and focuse on the present and how U will fix this problem. And are U the only child or have siblings?


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