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Friendships are really getting my nerves idk what’s happening I’m very unlucky in friendships since the beginning . All I wanted was a good friend who stay loyal to me that’s it . Someone who mattered a lot to me sometime , I did every possible thing I could for them , I did literally everything anyone could ever want from a friendship and when my time came to need those things , they didn’t show up and they gave their reasons to me . I could’ve even believed those reasons if I saw them behave well with me now after all this happened. They just distant themselves from me after everything I did for them and I felt very very bad . And now when I see them , making new friends and ignoring me and just being them … I just feel bad seeing them because I did nothing wrong to them and all I got from them was anger and anxiety issues and frustration. I feel very bad that they’ve now happily moved on and I’m still stuck when I was the one who did everything right since the beginning. I feel bad that once upon a time we had such a great great friendship and now when we even see each other in classes , we don’t even talk anymore and nothing can go back to where it was . All this , without even making any mistake .
Friendship is very very difficult for me now and I’m seriously not able to do it because it is getting my nerves and I feel very bad now when they’re just behaving with me selfishly and treating everyone the same way they used to treat me when they told I was special

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Don’t expect anything from anyone bruhh


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