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For the past two years I’ve been able to keep my weight stable, opposed to the very prominent unnatural upward trend for almost all of my life. I’ve seen great results from controlling diet and excel use in the past, but even with results I never have enough willpower to actually control my eating gap it’s for an extended amount of time. If anyone has similar experiences and has made it through them, is there anything I can to to battle this?

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Hi, While I’ve mostly been around the same weight all my life, I get hungry ever so often. My appetite is not a lot, but I just like to keep munching something every now and then. And I read about this, and it’s not unhealthy either. So my schedule consists of breakfast around 9 am, followed by a bowl of fruits around 11, lunch around 1 ish, and dinner around 7 pm, which means the time between 1 and 7 pm I get really hungry and end up eating junk :/ I’m trying to figure out a way as I’ll probably start eating some chana idk what that’s called in english but it’s black chickpea. that’s supposedly healthy, and i’ll try to figure out other alternatives that i can munch through the day. Like some healthy rice puffs or something idk… :/ trying to stay away from the packaged and processed foods too because they have the worst impact on weight, productivity and even skin…


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