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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.
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Pranjali @pranjalihanda

For the 1st time I just came to a hostel and This roommate of mine is suffering through serious depression. There are many points which confirm this fact like trying so many ways to suicide & taking excess pills. She knows about it. It has been years. She hide it so so so well. Idk how, but she spoke about everything to me while crying really bad. She spoke to her parents but they are fuckin toxic and they think she’s doing this to run away from her studies. And now we are stuck in hostel. We don’t have enough money to go for online therapy. She is begging herself every second to live a happy life but she can’t & all that she’s going through is really bad and I want to help her. Please tell me what can I do?

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This is very critical situation. You are the only one who can help her talk to her ask her what happened. Only treatment of this is by talking and sharing how she feel. I was also having depression but my only friend help me and talked to me and made me feel better.
This problem happens when we don’t share our problem to others. This kills us from inside.
I have suffered and now I am on this platform for helping others who are having same problem

My only advice or request is that you should talk to her or ask someone to talk to her
If you need me for any help just reply I will be there for anyone.

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Pranjali @pranjalihanda

Yea exactly I’m the only one who can help her. Thank you for your time to reply me. Means so much! ❤️ I am praying for your good health and happiness too :)


You are such a wonderful person…
Such tender heart n considerate person…
Thank you so much…
God bless you…
So glad to see that you want to help someone…

See dear depression can be extremely debilitating…
She is fighting a battle daily
Lots is going on in her mind…
So your time n attention will make her feel better.
Just tell her to let out her feelings to you.
Be an unbiased listener
Donot judge
Let her speak
Let her express
Let her share her problems…
U try ur best to explain n counsel her
Show her the brighter side
You just try to keep her busy n occupied…
Keep doing something
Studing together
Watching some good n positive content on ur cell phones…
Take her for evening strolls…

As far as possible
Donot leave her alone
Show her you are there for her…

If she isnot comfortable in sharing things with u
Ask her to vent her feelings on paper n tear it…

Pls if possible just hide her medicines
Keep it in ur custody n give her only when required n in required dosage…

Appreciate n praise her
Whatever you like about her keep telling her…

Tell her she is a fighter
She is strong
She is brave…

Boast her morale…

Try to be as patient as possible
She will have breakdowns
She will repeat same things again n again
You will have to assure n reassure her…

Dear it is going to be challenging for you…
But if you put ur heart n soul
You will notice slow improvements
But whatever it is
Donot forget to take care of urself
While u are taking care of her

N see if it is really getting difficult
Pls try talking to some hostel staff
Take someone’s help…

Dear a depressed person needs someone’s love,time,affection,warmth,

N pls remember she isnot doing anything purposely …

It is a state of mind…

Be there by her side…

She needs emotional support…

Good luck to you

Immense power ,strength n light to you
God bless.

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Pranjali @pranjalihanda

Oh my god, what a great person you are. Such great advices too! I’m definitely gonna work likewise. Thank you so much! ❤️


@kusum such great advice. Sending you hugs virtually. Thanks for being such a great person.


Thank you so much…
God bless you
But i did absolutely nothing
Just wrote few words
@pranjalihanda is wonderful n a gem person as she is here to ask for advice for someone else
She wants to help someone
N with such a pure heart…
Thank you tc.


Dear u are really a person with a huge heart
Because generally ppl tend to ignore or abandon depressed ppl…
Good luck to you…
Just wanted to suggest something
Dear if possible
Just put some positive quotes in ur room for your roommate
Make cards ,simple cards
Smiling faces for her …
Just make her feel wanted n spl in some way

Kind n heartfelt small small gestures also have much more healing power than medicines …

Stay blessed.


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