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For many people, the beginning of the quarantine was the tough one:getting stuff done and coping with household chores was tough but later its like people became expert in it. however, for me it was the total opposite. first i was so good in everything:used to study, do my regular art stuff, do my photography lessons and even exercise. in fact because of the execising i have been doing since the beginning i have lost 5 kgs and even stated getting abs. but unfotunately now i dont feel like doing anything at all. i recently was gifted a new phone which makes me stick to social media so much that i spend 3hrs on instagram alone. first i used to make a nice timetable every morning and used to follow it almost perfectly. but now it just doesnt happen! i tried making the one with tight schedules and a more lousy one with lots of free time in case i need to cope it up with another thing. but i just end up either wasting time on my phone or sleeping. can someone please help me out and maybe suggest some apps (android) which can really help me out.

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Hey! This happened to me too. I spent atleast 10 hours on social media daily. It was super bad for my mental health.
So what my friend suggested was, and it worked. Make a schedule just for 3 days. Don’t make it super tight. Give yourself some leeway. Add in workouts, your interests, even your time for meals and breaks. You don’t have to follow it strictly. Give yourself a break if you can’t do something on a particular day. Do it on the next day or the day after. Hence , the 3 days!
Even if someday you slack off or sleep, it’s okay. Wake up and try getting back to your routine!
As for your time on various apps, try timing it. Download a screentime app that will remind you or block the app for you. So you get off social media!
It can be difficult in the beginning but try! I hope this helps you! :)


Really thanks a lot for these tips! I am surely going to try these right away. Thanks again!


I think an important thing you and a lot of people (myself included) are forgetting is to be kinder to ourselves. There’s no right or wrong way to deal with a global pandemic, especially bc this is something that most of us have never experienced. I was productive in the beginning as well and I def hit slumps but it’s about finding a balance of being productive and taking it easy. If you really wanna structure your day, you can write down 3 productive things that you have to get done every day.


Tried this one too today. got a lot more than 3 things done. Really appreciate this:)


I tried out social media detox because same. I spent too much time on social media and people flaunting their happy lives got me into thinking my life sucks. I felt so demotivated and used memes to escape that.
1st phase - Uninstalled all the apps - Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp.
That went on for 2 weeks. It was difficult but hours felt longer and I got time to do other important things. Retrospected a lot of my habits and thought process. I used to watch thought provoking videos on youtube about life and the limited time we have left.
2nd phase - Installed the apps but restricted data. So only when I want to check the messages, I turn on the data and respond to messages.
3rd phase - Have all the apps (You can try by muting the notifications) but now I decide where I spend my time. So I don’t open apps as frequently I used to.

And it’s not like this doesn’t come back. Every time I feel something is taking over my productivity, I break the pattern.
There is an app on Playstore - 21 days. You can check it out.
Hope this helps. Stay strong and take care. Let those abs pop man 😍 You owe yourself a hotter and smarter version of you!


Wow im really crying this message was just so sweet. im surely going to try all the tricks youve just given for the detox. Also that app is fabulous. Thanks a tonne for tips.


Anytime boo 🤗❤️ Come back on this thread once you achieve your goals. Would love to see that happiness and excitement! Then you’ll be the inspiration for people who face similar issues.
Check this video out when you get some time.
Take care! 😊


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