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For how long do I need to act to act like I don’t ‘need’ a guy in my life anymore? In other words for how long do I need to act like an asexual anymore? And for how long do I need to memorize tons of books and then write them down on a piece of paper and feel good about it anymore? For how long do I need to act like I’m very happy with my life anymore? For how long do I need to agree with whatever the fuck my parents want me to do anymore? Just asking. For how long? Cause I can have some fucking idea… Cause I’m currently 22 about to be 23. Still doing whatever the fuck my parents decide for me. Desi parents are fucking stupid. How the fuck can someone not have some opinions or choice of their own? This is an abnormal behavior and they fucking expect us to behave like this every single time??? Are you insane??? I swear to God Pakistani parents and Hella fucking insane. They want every single country in this country to join medicine. Study with books infront of their faces 24x7. Do the toughest study in this whole world. And mind you every single kid MUST do that. Otherwise you are of no use and you are wasting their time and a source of disgrace for them. Here, I said it. Nobody talks about it but I just said it. Even God didn’t put so much pressure on us. But Pakistani parents somehow have standards more than God. Bye.

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I feel for you…as an American especially, I value my freedoms and hope for the same freedoms for many in other countries. You can be one to fight it, especially if you have an idea of what YOU want for YOUR life.

I thought this post was going elsewhere with the thoguhts you had expressed intially in the beginning of the post. You don’t need to act like you don’t need someone in your life if you want to activley pursue a relationship, but you also don’t need a man in your life also. I think it happens when it happens, when you come across someone who you feel like they need to be in your life. If it’s your parents wishes that are holding you back, then take a stand for yourself. I personally also don’t believe that religion dictates our behaviors…but more power to you if you do…but definitely your parents are not your gods… respect them if they deserve to be, but it’s your life.


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