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Aman @chosenone

For deep focus, simplify your life.

Decluttered environment = clear thinking

Donโ€™t believe me?

Try cleaning your desk space today. Keep only what youโ€™re working on.

Laptop and nothing else


A Notebook and nothing else

Try working with only one thing on a clean and empty desk.

And watch your focus skyrocket.

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3 replies

Cn u plzz tell how can I solve this problem like Yrr mai na phla bahutt shi thi apne kaam m busy rhti thi no friends akele bahutt enjoy karti thi and u know meko friends chahiye v nhi tha completely focused thi but u know from this corona times I have been given a phn and offline toh meri ek dost h wo bahut dur rhti h toh pta nhi kaise mere on-line friends bn gy unsa baat karna mujjhe bahut achaa lagta hai but u know unsa baat karte waqt time kya pta hi nhi chlta and i waste a lots of time aur jab unka msg nhi aata toh mai sochti hu Kaash wo msg kar le as if mere paas kaam hi na ho it affected my grades and now I hv completed my 12th and preparing for competitive exam i wnt ki m phla jaise bn jao akele enjoy karne wali focused jisko kisi sa koi matlb nhi. I hv been distracted. Kya kru wapis waisa bnne k lia

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Aman @chosenone


Understand this.

Jab tum akele enjoy karti thi, tab tum independent thi.

But human social animal hote hai. They want ki usse koi baatain kare, woh apni feelings share kare, dost banaye, acche bure, har tarha se apne aap ko express kare. Tumhare friends bann ne ke baad tumhara social animal instinct activate hogaya. So now when they are not near you want them to be there.

But see, when they donโ€™t reply, calm yourself and give yourself a task,

Like. Talk only when you are free after your studies or other home duties and responsibilities. When you text them reply only when you get time.

Kyuki unke intezaar karne main aap itne Magan ho jaate ho ki aapko life dusri chize Nazar aana bandh hojata hai or aapk ek intezaar ke dhaage main bandh jaate ho.

Aapni life priorities kardo,

Self care, cleaning, cooking, reading, making notes, studying, learning. Kaafi chize hai apne aapko engage kardo or jab time mile text them. And donโ€™t overthink. Jab body busy nhi hota woh overthink karke apne aapko khatam karne lagta hai mentally or emotionally drain hojata hai.

So take care of that.

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