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For as long as I can remember making friends has been a different experience for me than seemingly most people. When I do I always end up either with the wrong crowd or I’m just constantly let down. I made this friend in junior high and I’ve put them through so much, I had completely ghosted them because my toxic ex-boyfriend had convinced me she was trying to get in-between our relationship— it was kind of my fault as it wasn’t too hard to convince me, I was so quick to switch up (I know ironic haha). Like I said I ghosted her for about a year but we started talking again after I finally got my head out of my ass and decided to reach out. We’re on good terms now and we talk every single day… What’s the problem? I’m not entirely sure myself. Recently she’s gone through a loss (her dog passed away of old age, he lived a long full life) and she talks about it a lot which is alright because that’s what friends are for, but she seems so upsettingly hopeless and no matter what advice I provide she seems to just immediately dismiss it or refuse to acknowledge it completely. She’s not doing well with school either and she might not pass this semester, meanwhile I’m here finding myself struggling with my gender identity and parents who won’t let me connect with anyone in the outside world (mainly why I’m even here, a free website which you can post anonymously with private tabs? It’s perfect) I do have my own life and my own problems and so does she. I like when she talks about herself as it’s rare to get anything out of her but when she’s just so hopeless and claiming to have (hurtful thoughts) while I can’t do anything about it makes me feel so useless. I would report her to somebody, anybody really but I worry about the damage I would do to her in means of home life. I’ve talked to others about it and the most I got was to either report her or just drop her all together… I’ve felt like this for so long, what do I do?

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