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For around 4 years I was friends with this guy, half way I started liking him and he started disrespecting me. I loved him alot but I went no contact on him out of no where, after expressing my discomfort over the disrespect several times. Its been around 1 and a half year since the no contact I still miss him. I’m surrounded by fake friends everywhere, I feel lonely, I miss him cause I would tell him everything. How do I get over this loneliness. I don’t want to engage with anyone else .

Post anonymously?

Fake friends? Why people always befriending those even tho they already know they are fakes. You should get some real friend you know. Or atleast get to a dating app? You know like Profoundly? Sometimes I go there for distraction.


Don’t respect who like to hurt u


I often find myself looking for her love in the eyes of others and holding the weight of the world against myself in order to hope that all my pain that i take and all the strength i gain will make my energy loud enough for her to hear. i dont care about fake freinds or false bullshit. I keep all me for 1 love that is true to me no matter how fake everything els3e is