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For anyone that knows about numerology what does it mean to keep seeing the number 14 + important things always happen to me on the day 14. It started happening last year and it won’t stop now. I had a list of important things i wanted to do before 2021 was over and i managed to do a portion of those things which changed a lot of things in my life, i wrote down the date to find out that everything happened on a day 14 and from that moment on i kept seeing that number everywhere. Almost everyday i see the time 14:14 on my phone after leaving my school, i see it in license plates, in school asignments, in signs in the roads, in my phone/laptop and everywhere where a number can be seen. I also see the nummber 141 a lot as well. One day i was gonna make a decision and i jokingly said β€œif i keep seeing the nummber 14 i’ll actually do it” and idk what happened that day but i wouldn’t stop seeing it everywhere and it’s not like i was looking for it i just kept seeing it for some reason.
I’m just curious about it it’s not like i believe in this stuff neither do i not believe it, i know very litte about it and after this started happening i just began to wonder.

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