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For a while i’ve been having this dream where i become a very successful and loved person and while i’m at the top of the world i look down at those who bullied me in school and told me i’d never be anything, those who said nobody would love me if i didn’t change, those who hurt me and no longer remember me anymore, im watching them standing and looking up with a surprised face. I’ll make them remember who i was once they see me again. Because i’ve always known i was made to shine and idc if it sounds too egotistical, they all knew the kind of person i was meant to be and they only tried to stop me bc people are jealous and don’t want others to shine brighter than them. Even if revenge becomes my purpose, i’ll make sure to never be forgotten. Now i’m a step closer to making this dream come true, and i’ll never give up bc i know very well what i’m capable of.

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Veer @sire

Good for you anonymous bro. Stick to your vision, forget what others show you.


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