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Name @brownweirdo

Folded in fetal position,
Huddling all the warmth I can,
It is hard to get up…

Dragging my limbs to go till shop…
Lighting small tube of paper containing tobacco,
One drag,
Then the last,
Something travels through my blood…
Paralyzing my soul,
Giving birth to monomania of him.

Climbing stairs is hard…
Pulling the first leg and then second…
Repeating the ritual,
Until you reach.
At least am reaching where I live.
That’s enough.

Dashing onto bed,
Closing my eyes to feel…
Pause. It’s alright! It’s all okay!
I open my eyes discovering am alive…
I go back,
I go back,
To my slumber.

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Saif Hashmi @saif254

Can we talk

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anuj @anujvohra

Good thoughts

(god) @air





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