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First time in my Life, I had complimented
Male, 23
I really have feelings for a girl in my college since 18 July 2022, so I took the opportunity to genuinely compliment her. Actually, what made me to do it is what happened…on 14th Aug 2022, she called me Psycho multiple times and I told this to a psychologist so she told to tell the college teachers about it, so it was difficult for me to complain about her to the teacher, so instead of Complaining, I just made 10 Lists of what I like about her. So after telling her the following sentences via WhatsApp yesterday, she didn’t reply to it. Can I know why? What she might felt? I told her… 1) You’re an amazing person. 2) I admire your work Ethic. 3) You’re a positive Influencer. 4) You’re beautiful. 5) You are the prettiest girl in the college. 6) “On a scale from 1 to 10, you’re an 11.” 7) “You make me want to be a better person.” 8) “Your talent is God’s gift to you…What you do with it is your gift back to God.” 9) You have the best smile. 10) You have the best ideas.

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If you were serious, I have a bad news and a good news !!😂

Let’s start with bad news, you really messed up, that is not how you start a meaningful relationships, (Somehow it is suited for hookups or worse,creeps)

Good news is, if she was not busy , you’re still messing with her mind.

I would suggest call her up(preferably) or meet physically and apologize to her if you think she is interested in you too (if you think she’ll accept your proposal) by telling her how sorry you are,you didn’t know how to confess,you didn’t think much,you just wanted her to feel spacial and mention your seriousness (make a script first, conversation will not happen exactly but you’ll have a framework) .

All the best buddy !!


Let me guess u are female


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