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first of all sorry if this topic sounds like its not something to be talked about here this is my first day

im currently a senior in high school, i’ve never been in a relationship. some people would find it normal actually. but my friends make fun of me because, (at least they say i am), i am quite good looking, a nice person, and has a great personality.

i’ve already tried to get to know two girls and it was actually okay. but in the end those two girls never really were in a relationship with me because i backed off. i backed off because i’m scared that i would fall for another girl in the middle of the relationship.

i talked about this with one of my friends and he said that the real reason i always back off is that i’m scare of what a relationship actually feels like. since quarantine this has been on my mind. does anyone have the same issue? how can i get rid of the things that hold me back?

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First thing, if you are really in a relationship, u wouldn’t fall for other girls. Because being in a relationship is totally different. u won’t be able to think of someone else. u will always long for her. when u r in a relationship, u will feel satisfied… stay in a relationship with someone with whom u really love. don’t just be in a relationship for the sake of it . I think it is better to stay single, rather than staying in a relationship with someone u have mixed feelings for.
Atleast that’s what I think. Hope it helped u😉


wow great point
yeah i think i’ll just wait until i find someone who i really fall for

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Dhadkan @angel14

Absolutely 👍!!! 😇🙏

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Nandani @nandani

listen …(ur name),
its normally an issue for all the eligible persons who are not in a so called relationship. Now-a-days being in a relationship is a new cool. But u got to know one thing … its not a compulsion!!!
so don’t take it as a pressure…
It’s normal
if we are happy with our life… then why to complicate?
Why to enter into any relationships… as its not going to work.
So be happy and don’t complicate ur life!🙂


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