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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.

First let’s talk about my living situation: I live in a trailer

Brown mold on the ceiling
The door leading to go outside can’t even close
Carpet floors expect in the kitchen with fake ass tile
Literally everything in my house is dirty literally everything!!!
The sink in the kitchen doesn’t work and it’s stopped up with gross brown green water. One time I found fucking worms in the sink.
The sink in the bathrooms hardly have running water. On the topic of water I only get to shower like once or twice a month
Ants, flies, and gnats everywhere
And that’s not everything but I wont go into more detail.
Also the trailer is not sturdy at all

Pets: I have a cat and he stays on top of the fridge all the time because it’s so gross. Also my drug addict father always threatens to kill him or throw him outside. P.s. my father has the went to jail but that was before I was born for domestic violence (hitting/ hurting my mom)

I have dog not to mention a chihuahua that lives outside because my parents and grandmother didn’t want to buy flea and tick medication for him or just didn’t care or just dumb!!! Now he stays outside in a dog house with a leash tied to a tree and it’s always hot (it’s summer time and I live in Virginia) and he could have a heat stroke and die and it rains
all the time so he could get sick. My dog has also never went to the vet. But I try my best to him healthy.

My mom, sister, and I are trying to move away from my dad and grandmother but my mom has no job (they won’t let her get a job)
Also for me school is starting soon. I will be doing online class. (Zoom video calls)

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I’m sorry to hear that u are going through this but the one thing I can tell u as a young adult that’s overcome addiction and the loss of both my parents but I still try and keep my head high and we all know that’s not easy to do but I’m my opinion the people that overcome what seems impossible are some of the strongest people I know

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant


Hey! I hope you stay strong and try to figure things out:)
How about you talk to your mother and actually help her find a job online as its not really healthy to stay in such environment. Its not safe either. Talk to your family about personal hygiene and safety as this kind of environment can really make you sick. Talk to your grandparents and figure out the positive changes that can be made by letting your mother work and help financially.


We left the home on Sept. 19. We are staying at my aunt’s apartment and her roommate for the time being. Until the facility that helped us get out finds us a permanent home. The dog and cat are being boarded at the local animal shelter. We are fine. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant


No problem:) Stay safe!
And everything will come in place 😊




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