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Keya @herecomesk

Fiction is a world, easy to get lost in. With every new story, it’s an entrance pass to a new reality, a fresh beginning and yet when it comes to real life it might not always be the case.

New beginnings no matter how beautiful, are scary too. It’s like treading on foreign grounds unaware of the impending future. Beginnings barge in our front doors with the beautiful promise of second chances and new potential and unexpected opportunities but they also come with heartbreak, because new beginnings nearly always follow endings.

The possibilities with new beginnings are endless, infinite as a matter of fact. But the scary part is, where do we begin from when we can begin from any where at all ? And what about the aftermath ? The end conclusion?

But I’m hoping you choose to stay, not for anyone, for yourself. I hope you choose you.

And I pray you give yourself the strength of heading onto a new beginning.


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Rajneesh Kumar @raj6373738



Isn’t it amazing (fiction)? How a writer imagines a universe and character full of quirks and qualities! A small town with big mysteries! A big city with small character settings! Isn’t it fascinating how most of us can think about so many characters and stories but only few can translate it to actual writing!

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