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few days back, My classes’ teacher saw me using the phone on the last bench during the lecture, he came over and threw it real hard, And he still behaves in a very abusive way with me, , can’t get this out of my head,

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Vikalp Mishra @vklpm

Ideally, you should file a complaint. I can help you with one, good application.

Harsh @harshchaudhari


Vikalp Mishra @vklpm

Well, your behaviour was wrong. The act of bringing phone. But he had to act in his capacity. What he did is wrong.

Vikalp Mishra @vklpm

Besides, stand up and oppose. It is not good to live a life of fear or depression.

Sisyphus @sisyphus

I agree with that, now I wish I could have opposed my abusive teachers. But I couldn’t do it then.

Vikalp Mishra @vklpm



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