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Ananya @ananya2

FEMALE FRIENDSHIPS. I can’t help myself from talking about how important it is for girls to help each other and have each others’ backs. I honestly, genuinely cannot imagine my life without the women around me. I never truly appreciated the importance of female friendships in my life until I came into a girls college. Here I could tell there was a clear difference in my comfort level, even compared to friends I’d had for years and years. I realised its because girls understand each other so much better, and also because the world has been hell bent towards selling its “women can’t be friends” narrative because they know they can’t handle the force that women become when they’re together. Life your girls up, and notice how they’re ready to lift you up too. Compliment girls on their intelligence, their smile, their humour. Build their confidence. My girlfriends will go to hell and back to keep me safe and sane, just as I would for them. So dump the idea that women are bitchy or mean to each other, we’ve just been conditioned to believe that

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

Can’t stress on this enough! You’ve put it across wonderfully.


So true!


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