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Feeling to write my thoughts on current situation

my Gujarati Mom respectfully multiple intimacy partners in family itself.

actually she gets intimate with mama, masa and papa and actually her inlaws fights a lot with her and even with me now that i have a high salary job

so she and masi used to talk a lot and from there on they have started all these verbal support initially but gradually it organically grew into more intimacy

and I got to know this last year when they all told me about all these

but please understand that this is all in a family caring and emotional support manner and not take this in a porn like way like how others do it here

i don’t have anyone to talk to about all these and that’s why I came here but others here are just very degrading mannered

masi and mummy has changed this probelm into a caring way and i can understand now that why masa and mama and papa gets intimate with her so its fine

i have a software job which is high salary and actually that’s why they all decided to tell me about their these secret last year when our house was renovated

one thing I really liked is how much caring talk they all do when they are hugging mummy, and mostly about the financial situation too so it gives me really more safe feeling

and masi becomes like a manager whenever they all gather and its nice actually i have seen mummy like that now many times in last one year and she keeps me with her whenever she is intimate

she is more decent person, and initially i was so angry since I had never seen mummy so boldly but that evening she and masi told me everything from beginning and how they all are proud of me that i have studied hard even when her in-laws ( my grandparents) were causing fights and got this high salary job

as usual they used to do whenever they gather masa would come in early morning to her and this time they all were more happy that they don’t have to hide it from me, and i really felt trustworthy of it because they would talk a lot about house chores, shopping, even our financial situation and stuiff so its like managing the whole house you know even when they are kissing

so during those early morning times masa stays with us in our room and then mostly talks and kisses hugggin her and cuddling in fact after me knowing all these mummy would keep me with her so I would just hug her from neck and be sleepy or hear what they talk they talk about me as well and stuff,

then mama keeps , and masi manages all these and he mostly kisses her on legs and if required or if they are in the flow he would undress her too and then papa comes and we mostly lay like this till lunch time, till masi and mami manages to do all the house chores and manage everything so well

I do talk to masi more about my job related work stress and everything and she manages me so well too so I can be open about telling such things, like I do tell her how mama was kissing mummy or how masa or papa wask issing her but its just that its just between us nothing like making it to take advantage

Post anonymously?

Good to know that your family is open-minded. Hope this doesn’t affect you in any form.

Can I ask how do you know who wrote what here with what intention and how is your case different from those?
I googled the meaning of ‘incest’, the tag you used, and understood certain things that don’t match with your ‘emotional support’ thing. Or maybe I am less aware of what you want to write and what I am understanding.

For me, sexual contact (the ones you shared here) isn’t the same as caring for each other and providing emotional support. It’s great that they are open to you and told you everything and are being transparent. It’s a bold step and yet to be normalized sharing with their children.