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Feeling stressed with this semester. Used to have a lot of energy when I first started but I’ve given up now. I hate my groupmate because he’s my ex-friend’s boyfriend. His presence infuriates me. Why the hell does he need to be in the same group in me? There are other groups for him to sign himself up. Heck, he could even be in the same group as his girlfriend. I can’t act like how I wanted to because I feel like he’s watching my interaction and he reminds me of my ex-friend.

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Let him be… if yu dont like him and if he is watching you i will give yu an idea to irritate him… just be the best at what you do… show you are happy, strong and proud and really good at what you do it will automatically irritate him and make him jealous. People who try to irritate us get irritated by seeing us succeed


Thank you for the advice. I’d try my best. It just exactly what I need right now.


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